Photography is not a Destination, but it is an ongoing Journey.

A lot of photographers only blog images and write very little. This post will be quite the opposite as there are no images to blog this time, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. I am constantly studying photography on a daily basis. I have done my best to not get too caught up in pursuing the latest camera equipment, what I mean by this is not continually buying the latest thing to come out. If you are not a photographer maybe you can relate by thinking about the iphone, when a new version comes out, people ditch their current iphone for the latest release even if theirs was working just fine, does that make sense? Some people do that with cars, and then some people do that with camera equipment. I resist falling into the technology trap as much as possible because it can be a big money pit that you keep feeding. What I will share with you is that I have built up my arsenal of gear to a point that I have all of my bases covered, but in the last few weeks I made a decision to take things to the next level in hopes to get even better results in certain challenging lighting conditions. Being that I am a wedding photographer, I often find myself short on time or space and sometimes short on light, this just goes with the territory of wedding work. I promise there will be more images coming soon and I hope to share images that I wouldn’t have been able to do before this upgrade.


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