Adding More Wedding Albums & Books for Wedding Photography

Sheri Johnson Wedding Photography 2011 Portfolio Book

Sheri Johnson Wedding Photography 2011 Portfolio Book

I have been getting a lot of wedding photography inquiries over the past week or so and I was already working on making decisions on which samples I wanted to focus on creating for the 2012 Wedding Year.  It can be challenging because I have to predict which albums and books I think brides will be most interested in, however some of that has been inspired by some of my recent meetings and wedding consultations as I showed some of the samples I already have and listening to questions that people ask while we are talking. My preferences are one thing, but I do care about what other people want and I do my best to deliver according to other people’s tastes too because in the end what they want is what really matters to me. One book I created soley as a quick display for a bridal show here at Polo Golf & Country Club in Cumming, GA has actually been well received.  I intitally didn’t create it with sales in mind, but then people fell in love with it, so I have added it to my price list along with a few other books and albums. I encourage you to see them in person since images can’t always really give you an indication of how they really look. In the next few months, I will be adding more sample albums and books to show you.

Sheri Johnson Wedding Photography 2011 Portfolio Book

Sheri Johnson Wedding Photography 2011 Portfolio Book

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