Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you!  I want to welcome you for stopping by my wedding photography blog.  You may notice there were no updates and posts for over a year and I guess that means I did not do a very great job of keeping up with things as the year went along as I had planned to do.  I have this philosophy that I take care of my clients first and with that said, it really means that I focus more on getting the images in my client’s possession as quickly as possible after the wedding instead of using their wedding as marketing for myself first.  I hope you agree with me that at least my intentions are truly noble and if you decide to hire me for your wedding, that your needs are put above mine.  My business motto is that I treat others the way that I would want to be treated and because of that, I do not do things the way so many other photographers and wedding professionals do, I put you first in how I approach things and your wedding photos are VERY important.  For example, if a thunderstorm comes rolling in, I power down and unplug my computer to protect the images and albums I am working on from potential damage.  I make it my goal to have your wedding images ready for you to view when you return from your honeymoon.  So with all that said, this poor blog and some social media outlets don’t get updated as often as I would like since I don’t prioritize it… but I do realize as brides are planning their weddings, they need to see some eye candy…..  so prepare to be gazing upon all of 2016’s weddings in short order as this blog is going to be fully updated before this month is over.  If you have come here and want to see my most current work, a stop by my facebook page will normally give you an idea of what I have shot most recently, reason being, the majority of your friends and family are on facebook more than any other social media website, so I do tend to share there first and occasionally some get shared to instagram if I have time to get a few on there as well…. but facebook for sure.  https://www.facebook.com/SheriJohnsonPhotography/   So everyone makes new year’s resolutions, I swear last year I said I wanted to lose about 20 lbs AND I wanted to keep my blog updated as the year went along.  I can proudly say I did lose the 20 lbs, matter of fact, I lost THIRTY POUNDS!  So I guess all that extra time at the gym took away from the blog, sounds like a logical explanation to me.  I hope you will forgive me for that.  Many more images coming soon, I promise!

So if you are looking to hire a wedding photographer and you are not sure HOW to make the decision, let me give you some strong advice you can feel good about.  There are LOTS of wedding photographers out there and it truly is a challenging decision to make.  First and foremost, you have to decide what is MOST important to you.  So many brides don’t take into consideration everything that impacts the photography they will receive from their wedding day, but it does matter after it is all done and over with, and we have heard some horror stories from people who realized they didn’t make all the right decisions in the first place.  I recommend you find someone whose wedding photography you truly love.  I do suggest you not only look at their stunning portfolio, but also take the time to look at the complete delivered weddings to get an idea of what a day of wedding photography looks like from the photographer(s) you are considering, a good measure would be to view at least 3 complete weddings from each photographer.  I would also suggest taking the time to talk to each photographer to make sure you like them enough to want to be around them all day on your wedding day as you will be spending a lot of time with this person as will your friends, family and wedding party members.  Of course budget comes into the equation, you have to be able to afford their services.  A true professional wedding photographer should have backup equipment, batteries, flash cards, etc., so hopefully you are not gambling if you choose someone only because they were super cheap and have a great camera and that’s it, if something were to go terribly wrong, their memory card corrupts, their battery dies, their camera or flash quits…..  trust me, you don’t want to chance that.  Anyway, that is just some good starter information.  I would love to meet with you or discuss with you your wedding photography needs and answer all your questions as there is so much more we could talk about…. but I am ready to get to posting some pics to this blog.  While I am working on that, you can at least take a look at my portfolio http://www.sherijohnsonphotography.net/ and then we can get some more recent images for you to look at too.  Thanks for reading!  ~Sheri 🙂

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